Using Bolk

Through Bolk, each lecturer or professor can put together and order coursepacks. The students get the content as digital files without copy restrictions, for use in their studies.

The Kopinor Higher education licence requires curriculum and other necessary learning material in the form of book excerpts to be registered for clearance in Bolk when it is copied and made available for the students. This applies even if the excerpts will not be included in a coursepack.

Registering for rights clearance

The user selects the content in Bolk by searching for title, author or ISBN among the six million titles in the database. It is also possible to edit a previously compiled coursepack.

After the title is chosen, the actual excerpts are selected by entering the page numbers, and the excerpt will be added to the list of content. If the content exists in Bolk, the content file will come with at no extra cost.

Making coursepacks

Once the book excerpts are registered, you are on your way to make a coursepack. The titles and the order of the excerpts can be defined by the user. It is also possible to save an unfinished coursepack and continue editing later.

When all selected excerpts are cleared, and Bolk has all the content in place, the coursepack file will be delivered instantly. The pdf-file, including front page and index, is ready to be uploaded to the student’s LMS or distributed in other ways.


Each university or college decides which members of their staff will have access to Bolk, and defines the rights for each user.

The coursepack administrators have different tools for keeping track of the activity. They can monitor the department’s coursepack production and see previously ordered coursepacks.


Norwegian and foreign publishers have their own gateway to Bolk. They manage requests for content and extended rights, and the answers to the requests will immediately be conveyed to the users, to ensure the completion of the coursepacks.

Through Bolk, the authors and publishers will be paid according to the actual use of their works.

Questions about the use of Bolk

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