Digital coursepacks
- the simple solution

Required in the licence agreement

The Kopinor Higher education licence requires curriculum and other necessary learning material in the form of book excerpts to be registered for clearance in Bolk when it is copied and made available for the students.

One-stop solution for making coursepacks

With the Bolk service, you can search, compile and order digital coursepacks through one single solution.

Extended rights clearance

Through Bolk you can buy the rights for copying and use of book excerpts which exceeds 15 %.

How to get started

The Bolk contact at the university or college creates users with different roles in Bolk. Here is how to get started.

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Using Bolk

Through Bolk, each lecturer or professor can put together and order coursepacks. The students get the content as digital files without copy restrictions, for use in their studies.

Using Bolk